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Investing in Grand Bahama

Discovered as a result of Ponce de Leon’s quest for the “Fountain of Youth” in 1513. It is believed that the Spanish explorer called this area “baja mar” (literally ‘under water’), so the name Gran Bajamar or ‘Great Shallows’ – came to be known as ‘Grand
Bahama’. Freeport/Lucaya, the Bahamas’ second city, is known for its casinos, resorts and tropical entertainment, however throughout this developed area there are pristine white sand beaches, three national parks, protected wetlands and an incredible resource of marine life. The island’s real estate is varied from luxury high-rise condominiums to island outpost vacation homes on peaceful beaches. Freeport is an international port and industrial centre operated by the Grand Bahama Port Authority (GBPA) under the terms of the Hawksbill Creek Agreement. The agreement was first signed in 1955 between the Bahamian government and the GBPA to develop Crown land as a free-trade zone. This land now totals 149,000 acres (233 square miles).

The benefits of operating in Grand Bahama include proximity to the vibrant US market (Freeport is a short flight from Florida’s east coast), a deep-water harbour capable of handling the world’s largest ocean-going vessels, a busy container port with the most up-to-date equipment and an international airport. Grand Bahama also boasts many fine large and small hotels, including the Grand Lucayan, Pelican Bay Hotel, Memories, and the Viva Wyndham Fortuna Beach hotels, all on beautiful beaches, as well as numerous timeshare properties.

Freeport offers many of the same benefits that are available in any first-world city including: state-of-the-art communications, access to broadband Internet and miles of well-maintained highways and roads. But there’s much more. Separate residential communities include gracious homes, condos and rental properties. Among the amenities are bicycle and walking paths, golf courses, schools and medical facilities, easy boating access by canals to the island’s famous clear ocean waters where the fishing is great and, arguably, some of the most beautiful beaches in the world.

Why INVEST in Grand Bahama?

  • Close to key North, Central and South American financial centres.
  • The world’s largest economy is only 50 miles away.
  • The Bahamas share time zone (EST) with Miami, New York and Toronto.
  • Peaceful and stable democracy for almost 300 years.
  • Independent nation since 1973.
  • Life is less taxing for those who choose to live here. No personal of corporate income 
taxes and no taxes on capital gains, no inheritance tax, dividends or interest.
  • Numerous Acts of Parliament offer investment incentives.
  • English-speaking, trained workforce.
  • The ease of getting here with frequent daily U.S. and International flights.
  • An ideal climate and lifestyle with modern infrastructure and world-class communications.